Arm Your Son

With Brave Thinking

Introducing the Brave Box Volume Two —

Born To Be Brave’s unique approach to father-son connection!


“You guys nailed it! My son and I loved digging in together!”

–- John, Lancaster PA

“My son loves all the things in there designed just for him!”

–- Maggie, Surrey BC

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do to get a Brave Box!”

–- JFK definitely would have said this...

“Warning, this box can change your life.”

–- Chad, Newton KS

“That’s one small box for man; one giant gift for a man and his son.”

–Neil Armstrong ...probably would have said something like this


…and you’ll discover a new load of treasure dads and sons can use to grow closer together and closer to Jesus! This second box will focus on lies, labels, and duct tape. Helping you and your son believe the things that God says about you!

We know dads will love this box as much as their boys. Why? Because we’ve packed it with games, gadgets, great adventures, and God’s Word; all chosen to create quirky fun and deep connection.

Born to Be Brave Scripture Power Pack

10 powerful memory verses— the key to arming dads and sons against lies the enemy and the world would have them believe.

The Ultimate Duct Tape Activity Kit

Once you’ve replaced any lies and labels your son believes, break out this special Born to Be Brave duct tape kit to create a memorable frame (or a wallet or a zip pouch!) with his new label from God’s Word. This kit also includes all the supplies you need for 3 additional duct tape DIYs.

Two Truths and a Tall Tale

Get your whole family involved with this fun true or false trivia challenge book! See if you have what it takes to spot the lies.

Born to Be Brave Daily Devos

60 days worth of devotions from the Bob Gresh and the Born to Be Brave team that will get you and your son digging into God’s Word together!

Lubor’s Lens Kit

This fun illusion/magic trick gives you and your son a hands-on example to see just how easy it is to distort the Truth and to entertain your friends!


Can you handle the heat? These spicy snacks really don’t have much to do with the rest of the box, but your son is a growing boy, ok?? He’ll love ‘em.

Sneak Peek! Take a video tour of the BraveBox Volume 2

Become a better dad
in 2.5 hours flat.

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An Action-Packed, Guys’ Night Out!

Grab your son and join us for a night of adventure, airborne projectiles, and digging into God's Word.

Whether you're a father or father figure, this event is for you...

Here's just some of the cool stuff you'll do

Connect spiritually without feeling awkward

Help your son identify and appreciate his strengths

Celebrate true biblical manhood through fun, interactive teaching

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"Absolutely amazing! A must for every father and son! I got as much out of it as my son did!"

–Chris M.

"You made a monumental impact on a father and son, an impact that will not only be generational, but eternal."

–Kevin B.

"A couple of hours of laughing together, sharing our hearts, and worshiping together filled up our father-son tank in immeasurable ways"

–Dan M.

"You guys are doing a great job of creating an environment where deeper connection can happen, thank you!"

–Josh K

"The word that keeps coming to me about this event is intentional - it was so evident that God was there working."

–Keith P. Camp Hill, PA

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We get a lot…


It’s the gift box only Born To Be Brave could create! The limited-edition Brave Box was designed to help fathers and sons connect in simple, fun, but meaningful ways. It’s full of games, gadgets, great adventure, and God’s word! And soon it will be a full-time subscription— offering father-son connection delivered right to your door. Click here to get yours!


In short, yes. You can find some fun videos from the very beginning of the pandemic on our Youtube channel. We’ll also be offering special dad workshops and a live Born To Be Brave father-son event coming up in the future. Sign up here to be kept in the loop on everything Born To Be Brave is up to.


To allow time for the COVID issue to run its course, we hopped off the road for a time and plan to return to touring sometime in 2022. You can get updates from us by sharing your email address here.


Fathers and their sons. If your boy doesn’t have a father in the picture, he’ll have a great time watching the show with any father-figure or godly male mentor! We encourage any men who are playing a role in raising godly men to attend this online event with their boy. The online show is geared toward male mentoring, so moms, sorry, but you’ll have to take the night off from this one!


We understand dads. They have questions. “Do I have what it takes to lead my son? To connect with him in a meaningful way? Am I the man that he needs me to be?” The answers to all of those questions is a bold “yes!”. You are the man that God has put in his life. And God has qualified you and equipped you for the job. Here is the truth: dads don’t need a bigger to-do list. And sons don’t need a perfect father. All your son needs is you!

At Born to Be Brave, you’ll learn how to: connect with your son in ways that are not awkward and discover the simple things you can do to go from being an active father to a strategic father. Most importantly, instead of leaving with more to do’s, you’ll leave knowing all that has already been done for you to be the role model you’ve always wanted to be for your son. And you’re going to leave feeling brave. After all, you were born to be brave.


It's a lot like True Girl, but also nothing like it! The event uses the same connecting strategy to approach godly parent/child relationship-building through unique interactive activities, biblical teaching, and worship. But all of the messaging and activities are geared toward guys. We're not having any fashion shows, but we'll do some really awesome stuff that you won't want to miss! This is the father/son version of the True Girl experience!


Yes. All content is designed for boys ages 7-17 and their fathers/father figures.


Born to be Brave is an interdenominational event where fathers/father figures & sons from every denomination are welcome and will leave feeling encouraged and inspired.

Ready to arm your son with Brave thinking?

At Born To Be Brave, you'll discover the simple things you can do to go from being an active father to a strategic father. Most importantly, instead of leaving with more to do's, you'll leave knowing what's already been done for you, so you can be the role model you've always wanted to be for your son.

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